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The competitive landscape in your organization’s world has changed noticeably and quickly.


As dynamics in society, including a drawn out and very deep recession, have forever changed your competitive environment, successful marketing strategies and tactics have shifted into a dramatic “live or die” aggressive (and highly competitive) mode.

If you have navigated your way to this page, it’s likely that you:

  • recognize increasing competitive pressures in your field.

  • are serious about maximizing the impact of your marketing message and budget; and/or

  • are ready and committed to growing your organization and moving up to the next level.


After more than a decade of helping organizations protect and grow market share, we’ve found that organizations who succeed do so because they planned it that way.

Winners in the marketplace always have a comprehensive and integrated marketing plan which they use daily.  The scale of their plan varies from smaller to larger operations and organizations, but they are always sophisticated and feature several moving parts.


The first 6 marketing audit questions...


Regardless of how well you think you're doing, a marketing reality check is useful. If everything's just fine, you can take comfort in continuing with your current efforts. But if you’re unsure, or if you're always working on improvement and desire a serious breakthrough in mind and market-share, here are 6 questions that will help you assess your current marketing plan.

1. Are you using an evidence-based marketing approach?

2. What's the date on your current marketing plan?

3. Do you have clear and specific goals?

4. Is your marketing budget right for the job?

5. Does your brand-building message clearly differentiate your organization or company?

6. Is your brand-building plan ruthlessly consistent?


None of these are minor or frivolous questions.  They are fundamental elements that need to be formalized if you are determined to build or improve your organization’s image in the minds of prospects.

...Call us if you need help finding answers to these questions...


Big Idea Company can guide your organization’s marketing, as we have done for others throughout the region, providing honest, breakthrough and evidence-based marketing strategies and tactics.  We can help give you a competitive edge.

Our staff understands what works and what doesn't work in marketing, public relations and advertising. We know how to effectively communicate your value to your various customers and prospects in ways that help them appreciate what you have to offer.

Call us today at (574) 257-IDEA (4332) or email us from our Contact page.  We'll help get all your questions answered.

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